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Welcome to NBA Game Predictor 

User-Friendly Software Predicts NBA Games With Incredible Accuracy!

See Results for up to 7 Days of  NBA Games

48 Pre-Determined NBA Stats

Software Calculates - Game Winner

 Over/Under - Point Spread Winner

No Obligation / No Credit Card Needed

No Personal Information Needed

Just an e-mail and password

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It used to take years of research and hours and hours of trying to find the right information to consistently make winning NBA picks.  At NBAGamePredictor.com, we don't believe making profitable picks should be a full-time job. That's why we've made NBA Game Predictor software.

It takes just 3 effortless steps.

STEP 1 – Choose any NBA game and follow our link to get the most relevant predetermined stats we’ve chosen for you to use.

STEP 2 – Transfer the stats to the NBA Game Predictor Software.  Instantly the NBA Game Predictor analyses the information and calculates the percentage of each team winning, totals the chances of the game going over or staying under, and determines what the point spread for each team should be.

STEP 3 – Compare their published lines with your calculations. Follow our guidelines, along with any insight you may have to determine which games to play.

Plus - Find out which stats we use to determine the outcome.

** It took us years of research to determine which stats to use and what weight to give each stat.  The mathematical formulas used are highly confidential and regarded as secret.  During your  7 Day Free Trial you will have the option to retrieve the stats yourself or (just like the Premium Plan) we will retrieve the stats for you and all you must do is input the numbers into the software. **

** Although it is helpful to have a working knowledge of basketball, it is not necessary to be successful using this system. **

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Use this incredibly accurate software, along with your knowledge of the game, to accurately predict the outcome of NBA games.


Last 7 Days Picks

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Last 7 Days


Last 30 Days


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Last 180 Days


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Baseball - MLB - Last 7 Days - Last 30 Days - This Year

Service NameWinLossWin%UnitsBankroll
Game Predictor12813349%-55.90-5,590

Baseball - MLB - Last 7 Days - Last 30 Days - This Year

Service NameWinLossWin%UnitsBankroll
Game Predictor12813349%-55.90-5,590

Basketball - NBA - Last 7 Days - Last 30 Days - This Year

Service NameWinLossWin%UnitsBankroll
Game Predictor8710944%-179.96-17,996

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