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DateMatchup : Home Team vs Away TeamChoice TeamChoice TypeUnitsBankrollResult
2-4-2018New England Patriots vs Philadelphia EaglesPhiladelphia EaglesTotal : Over 48.5 -1105.00500Win
1-14-2018Minnesota Vikings vs New Orleans SaintsNew Orleans SaintsSpread : +5.5 -1102.00200Win
1-13-2018Philadelphia Eagles vs Atlanta FalconsAtlanta FalconsMoneyline : -150-4.50-450Lost
1-7-2018New Orleans Saints vs Carolina PanthersCarolina PanthersSpread : +7.5 -1405.00500Win
1-7-2018Jacksonville Jaguars vs Buffalo BillsBuffalo BillsSpread : +9.5 -1205.00500Win
1-6-2018Los Angeles Rams vs Atlanta FalconsAtlanta FalconsSpread : +6 -1105.00500Win
1-6-2018Kansas City Chiefs vs Tennessee TitansKansas City ChiefsTotal : Under 44.5 -1101.00100Win
12-31-2017Tennessee Titans vs Jacksonville JaguarsTennessee TitansMoneyline : -1253.00300Win
12-31-2017Philadelphia Eagles vs Dallas CowboysDallas CowboysMoneyline : -1603.00300Win
12-31-2017Indianapolis Colts vs Houston TexansIndianapolis ColtsMoneyline : -2453.00300Win
12-31-2017Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs New Orleans SaintsNew Orleans SaintsMoneyline : -270-8.10-810Lost
12-24-2017Dallas Cowboys vs Seattle SeahawksDallas CowboysMoneyline : -220-6.60-660Lost
12-24-2017San Francisco 49ers vs Jacksonville JaguarsJacksonville JaguarsMoneyline : -220-6.60-660Lost
12-24-2017Washington Redskins vs Denver BroncosWashington RedskinsMoneyline : -1851.00100Win
12-24-2017New Orleans Saints vs Atlanta FalconsNew Orleans SaintsMoneyline : -2452.00200Win
12-24-2017Tennessee Titans vs Los Angeles RamsLos Angeles RamsMoneyline : -2653.00300Win
12-24-2017New York Jets vs Los Angeles ChargersLos Angeles ChargersMoneyline : -2653.00300Win
12-24-2017Cincinnati Bengals vs Detroit LionsDetroit LionsMoneyline : -185-5.55-555Lost
12-18-2017Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Atlanta FalconsAtlanta FalconsMoneyline : -2553.00300Win
12-17-2017Oakland Raiders vs Dallas CowboysDallas CowboysMoneyline : -1653.00300Win
12-17-2017Washington Redskins vs Arizona CardinalsWashington RedskinsMoneyline : -2203.00300Win
12-17-2017Carolina Panthers vs Green Bay PackersCarolina PanthersMoneyline : -2453.00300Win
12-16-2017Detroit Lions vs Chicago BearsDetroit LionsMoneyline : -2453.00300Win
12-10-2017Cleveland Browns vs Green Bay PackersGreen Bay PackersMoneyline : -1353.00300Win
12-10-2017Carolina Panthers vs Minnesota VikingsMinnesota VikingsMoneyline : -133-3.99-399Lost
12-10-2017Carolina Panthers vs Minnesota VikingsMinnesota VikingsMoneyline : -140-4.20-420Lost
12-4-2017Cincinnati Bengals vs Pittsburgh SteelersPittsburgh SteelersMoneyline : -2003.00300Win
12-3-2017Seattle Seahawks vs Philadelphia EaglesPhiladelphia EaglesMoneyline : -230-6.90-690Lost
11-30-2017Dallas Cowboys vs Washington RedskinsWashington RedskinsMoneyline : -125-3.75-375Lost
11-26-2017Oakland Raiders vs Denver BroncosOakland RaidersMoneyline : -2303.00300Win
11-26-2017San Francisco 49ers vs Seattle SeahawksSeattle SeahawksMoneyline : -2751.00100Win
11-23-2017Washington Redskins vs New York GiantsNew York GiantsSpread : +8 -140-1.40-140Lost
11-23-2017Detroit Lions vs Minnesota VikingsDetroit LionsSpread : +3 -115-1.15-115Lost
11-20-2017Seattle Seahawks vs Atlanta FalconsAtlanta FalconsSpread : +3 -1155.00500Win
11-20-2017Seattle Seahawks vs Atlanta FalconsSeattle SeahawksTotal : Under 46 -110-1.10-110Lost
11-19-2017Dallas Cowboys vs Philadelphia EaglesPhiladelphia EaglesMoneyline : -2003.00300Win
11-19-2017Los Angeles Chargers vs Buffalo BillsLos Angeles ChargersMoneyline : -2101.00100Win
11-19-2017Chicago Bears vs Detroit LionsDetroit LionsMoneyline : -1503.00300Win
11-13-2017Carolina Panthers vs Miami DolphinsCarolina PanthersSpread : -10 1051.05105Win
11-12-2017Atlanta Falcons vs Dallas CowboysDallas CowboysSpread : +3 100-2.00-200Lost
11-12-2017San Francisco 49ers vs New York GiantsNew York GiantsMoneyline : -145-1.45-145Lost
11-12-2017Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs New York JetsNew York JetsMoneyline : -140-1.40-140Lost
11-12-2017Tennessee Titans vs Cincinnati BengalsTennessee TitansMoneyline : -2201.00100Win
11-12-2017Jacksonville Jaguars vs Los Angeles ChargersLos Angeles ChargersSpread : +5.5 -1102.00200Win
11-12-2017Buffalo Bills vs New Orleans SaintsNew Orleans SaintsMoneyline : -1453.00300Win
11-12-2017Washington Redskins vs Minnesota VikingsMinnesota VikingsMoneyline : -1252.00200Win
11-12-2017Chicago Bears vs Green Bay PackersChicago BearsMoneyline : -240-4.80-480Lost
11-9-2017Arizona Cardinals vs Seattle SeahawksSeattle SeahawksMoneyline : -2503.00300Win
11-6-2017Green Bay Packers vs Detroit LionsDetroit LionsMoneyline : -1283.00300Win
11-5-2017Miami Dolphins vs Oakland RaidersOakland RaidersMoneyline : -1683.00300Win
11-5-2017San Francisco 49ers vs Arizona CardinalsArizona CardinalsMoneyline : -1273.00300Win
11-5-2017New York Giants vs Los Angeles RamsLos Angeles RamsMoneyline : -1753.00300Win
11-2-2017New York Jets vs Buffalo BillsBuffalo BillsMoneyline : -160-4.80-480Lost
10-29-2017Detroit Lions vs Pittsburgh SteelersPittsburgh SteelersMoneyline : -1703.00300Win
10-29-2017Washington Redskins vs Dallas CowboysDallas CowboysSpread : -1 -1205.00500Win
10-29-2017Tampa Bay Buccaneers vs Carolina PanthersCarolina PanthersSpread : 0 1055.25525Win
10-26-2017Baltimore Ravens vs Miami DolphinsMiami DolphinsSpread : +3 -110-3.30-330Lost
10-23-2017Philadelphia Eagles vs Washington RedskinsPhiladelphia EaglesMoneyline : -2353.00300Win
10-22-2017New York Giants vs Seattle SeahawksSeattle SeahawksMoneyline : -2253.00300Win
10-22-2017Los Angeles Rams vs Arizona CardinalsLos Angeles RamsMoneyline : -1553.00300Win
10-22-2017Minnesota Vikings vs Baltimore RavensMinnesota VikingsMoneyline : -2003.00300Win
10-22-2017Los Angeles Rams vs Arizona CardinalsLos Angeles RamsMoneyline : -1703.00300Win
10-22-2017Chicago Bears vs Carolina PanthersCarolina PanthersMoneyline : -165-3.30-330Lost
10-22-2017Cleveland Browns vs Tennessee TitansTennessee TitansMoneyline : -2503.00300Win
10-19-2017Oakland Raiders vs Kansas City ChiefsKansas City ChiefsMoneyline : -145-4.35-435Lost

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